ACE Camp at Peralta Hacienda Historical Park
Branding System
Design Lead:
Nathan Filbrandt
Nathan Filbrandt, Rohan Shrivastava
ACE Camp

ACE stands for Art, Culture, and Earth. It is Peralta Hacienda’s summer camp program for children and youth, ages 5–15 and is offered free to the community. The mission of ACE Camp is to activate young brains and bodies through Art, Culture, and the Earth. At ACE Camp, youth explore nature and go on urban safaris, learn cooperation via group play and games, and discover a world of cultures through art-making and storytelling. Campers get excited about being in nature, learning, and helps them build positive relationships with other campers, staff, and the environment.

They approached TBD* to help reimagine their brand identity by updating their aesthetic to reflect current trends in summer camps and a unified aesthetic of all marketing, promotional, and camp materials. The aesthetic should convey: fun, community, youth, inclusivity, multiculturalism, resilience, joy, nature and the collateral should be updatable.

The designs consist of colorful, dynamic shapes that meld together to create a sense of vibrant energy. The components are contained within a circular shape as a way to symbolize the earth and different cultures working together as one. The pattern is reminiscent of a topographic map, a mixed paint palette, and can also be interpreted as plant cells under a microscope which represents the environmental and educational aspects of ACE Camp.