Elder Care Alliance
Fundraising Materials
Design Lead:
Keston Hinds Cruz
Keston Hinds Cruz, Alice Niu
Elder Care Alliance

Elder Care Alliance serves seniors and their families in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their first elder care facility opened in 1907, founded by the Sisters of Mercy. ECA is committed to serving and enriching the holistic wellness of older adults and those who care for them.

Elder Care Alliance approached TBD* with the idea of wanting to create a future rebrand of their identity, as well as paper collateral that would be used to apply for "Sappi Ideas That Matter", and the paper collateral would also be used to get more grants in the future. The idea that Elder Care Alliance wanted, was a paper system that was completely modular, allowing the content inside to be replaced easily. We came up with a 4 pocket folder that could house their various pieces of content.

The first pocket holds Elder Bio Cards, cards that allow the reader to learn more about the people in the facility and also allow them to see the art that they make while they stay there. The second piece of content showcases the various projects that Elder Care Alliance is trying to fund, the third piece of content consists of a saddle-stitched booklet that houses their mission statement, vision, and more general content about Elder Care Alliance's facilities. The last piece of content in the pockets is the pledge form "Give a Gift", where donors are able to donate to help fund Elder Care Alliance.

Last but not least, there are 2 gifts on the back of the folder. One gift being a set of polaroids depicting either staff, volunteers, or the elders themselves, with a quote on the back of the polaroid. The second is a gift to be given to the person that the donor loves. This gift, in the form of a postcard, allows the donor to reconnect with someone that they haven't talked to in a while, or allows them to write something nice to someone they love and send it to them.

Elder Care Alliance is a place that values "Engaging Hearts, Transforming Lives, and Erasing Boundaries".