Elder Care Alliance / “Share Your Voice”
Design Lead:
Daniella Nebel
Daniella Nebel, Elizabeth See
Elder Care Alliance

“[TBD*] developed a system that is useful for us, has the option to scale, and the resulting work is dynamic and vibrant.” —Erin Partridge, Elder Care Alliance

With over 100 years of experience, Elder Care Alliance applies a person-centered approach and an environment that fosters independence, empowerment and engagement to provide holistic care for older adults and their loved ones.

Elder Care Alliance approached TBD* to energize their presence on social media with sincere content that resonated with the organization’s vision and values. We designed a process to collect honest thoughts and messages directly from the residents at ECA’s Mercy Community. We then created a design system to share this content on social media. We also designed templates for their weekly calendar and labels for displaying the artwork at the communities.