Empowering People of Color Open Mic
Design Lead:
Mao Li
Mao Li, Claudio Chavez
La Peña Cultural Center

Started as a second home for Latin American diaspora, La Peña Cultural Center has been bonding people through arts, education and community engagement. Empowering People of Color Open Mic is one of the many core events in La Peña, with a dedicated night each month in every season. It is for whoever needed a platform to shine, to support, or to share what they're passionate about.

We wanted to both resonate old friends and absorb new blood by recalling the variety of personalities on the stage of EPOC. We cut out silhouettes because we see every artist on stage as a reflection of an audience. Olive for February, lavender for March, blue for April, and the warmest pink for the entire spring, indicating the soft stage light that envelops performers and audiences throughout the nights.