Galería de la Raza Capital Campaign
Design Lead:
Yuki Li
Vanessa Zhong, Yuki Li
Galería de la Raza

Galería de la Raza is a space dedicated to showcasing Xicanx and Latinx art and culture.It utilizes community arts and programs for youth of color to navigate issues of social inequality, urban development, affordable housing, and preserving the cultural legacy of communities of color.

Galería de la Raza came to TBD* looking to build up a fundraising visual system to purchase a long term site, considering the future of Latino art and culture.

We created a catalog and postcards as the visual support for letting more people know about Galería de la Raza and their blueprints. In the future, they will use them as publicity materials to get more people to help them achieve their dreams.

“Aquí estamos, Aquí soñamos e imaginamos, Y no nos vamos. Y si nos sacan, nos regresamos. We are here, we envision and dream without fear, we won’t disappear. You can’t displace us, we will always be near.”