GLBT Historical Society / “Come Find Your Story”
Design Lead:
Morgan Wash
Janel Mitchell, Morgan Wash
GLBT Historical Society

We helped the GLBT Historical Society, a non-profit focused on preserving and sharing local LGBTQ history, create a multimedia campaign to run during pride month. This campaign was tasked with promoting their new online exhibition and store, attracting new and existing members, and most importantly, making history come to life.

The deliverables included a series of instagram templates for their social media team to use, a postcard and letter to be mailed to members, and merchandise for their online store.

The campaign’s design featured icons, a custom typeface, and a color palette all taken from vintage materials in their archive; the icons came from the various identity symbols used in the community, the typeface from a banner displayed at an early protest, and the palette from the original gay pride flag they have on display. 

Through allowing the historical artifacts to take center stage, and surrounding them with colorful slogans of “Come find your story” and “History is Here”, the campaign was able to walk the line of being playful, celebratory, yet still educational. It also allowed for pieces of queer history to be remixed, refreshed, and brought to life for a new generation.

“Janel and Morgan really listened. They didn’t just create some cute Instagram graphics, but captured the heart and soul of our organization.” —Andrew Shaffer, GLBT Historical Society