Room to Read
Design Lead:
Linh Phan
Linh Phan, Yashmi Shah
Room to Read

Room to Read is a non-profit organization that aims to create a world in which all children can pursue a quality education that prepares them to be fulfilled and make positive change – in their families, communities and the world. Room to Read approached TBD* to create a campaign that would raise awareness and funds for the organization.

Through intensive research and that Room to Read has a big presence in both our designers’ home countries, we decided to use their languages and first-hand knowledge to reach out to a broader audience for the campaign. “Dreams Start With Education” visualizes the energy of children learning and used that optimism to emphasize the urgency of Room to Read’s mission.

“I really liked seeing Eric's interaction with the students and watching their ideas develop based on the feedback. I also really appreciated the enthusiasm for the project and freshness of the creative ideas.” —Julie Sims, Room to Read

“I’m so excited to get to share these materials with the world!” —Hannah Harrison, Room to Read