Southern Exposure
Branding System
Design Lead:
Cloe Kim
Cloe Kim, Saundra Conneely
Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure (SoEx) is an artist-centered nonprofit organization committed to supporting visual artists through programming and exhibition support. We spent this semester developing a brand identity for Southern Exposure’s (SoEX) 50th Anniversary. After extensive research and strategic planning with our partners, we developed a system that embodies the values we found most pertinent to SoEx: one that is future-facing, inviting, inclusive, and celebratory of legacy and nostalgia.

This eclectic and flexible system represents and celebrates the individuals who have contributed to SoEx’s 50-year legacy. We use motion to represent the chapters of SoEx's story and its evolution into the organization it is today. With minimal moves to Southern Exposure’s current logo, we change the “SO” into a 50, anchoring the system into the present and representing everyone and everything that makes SoEx who it is in 2024. Finally, an energetic and celebratory color palette represents the open-ended possibilities for its bright future.