Studio Forward / Exhibition Catalog
Design Lead:
Leticia Li
Leticia Li, Lewis White
Studio Forward

Studio Forward is a year-long, Google sponsored course, bringing students from different disciplines at California College of the Art together to research, explore, and create. Through speculative design, students make works that consider how we can make the world more connected, more inclusive, more accessible, and more joyful. Each year, the course topic changes. This year's prompt asked students to consider the future of music. 

Studio Forward approached us to help them produce a publication, to be distributed at the “Future Resonance” Exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. They asked for a publication that would function as an exhibition catalog, while also highlighting the values and goals of Studio Forward. It was also important that the publication was cohesive with the overall exhibition identity. The publication we designed is bold, dynamic, joyful, and speculative. We considered ways that music and sound can be represented visually, and created what we call a “musical grid”. With each turn of the page, the layout dances to accommodate the moving negative space.