SF School / Citizen Girl* Camp
Branding System
Design Lead:
Kajri Popat
Kajri Popat, Menaja Ganesh
The San Francisco School

Citizen Girl* is a Summer Camp created by and held at The San Francisco School. It is a camp for girls who love sustainable art, activism, and adventure. It is a space created to be yourself. They offer spontaneous and planned adventure, friendship, and female mentorship by leading San Francisco artists, activists and social enterprise change makers. Their goal is to empower girls to be bold and compassionate.

The San Francisco School approached TBD* to help create a brand identity that would appeal to millennial parents by emphasizing the camps values of activism, adventure, diversity, and social justice while being approachable, contemporary, and inclusive. 

The center of our identity revolves around the concept of a flag that celebrates diversity and empowerment. It also alludes to the value of activism which the camp tries to foster in young girls, in a contemporary approachable way. The flag also symbolizes global communities as it connects to the flags of different nations. The asterisks in “girl” represents the most unique aspect of their camp; they invite anyone who identifies as a girl to join. The brand colors embody the Citizen Girl* Values: adventure, approachability, and imagination.