Clown Corps
Branding System
Design Lead:
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee, Kajri Popat
Clown Corps

Clown Corps is an organization that transforms individuals, bridges divides, and cultivates compassionate communities using the tools of clowning and authentic play. Through performance and workshops, they foster resilience and empathy for humans everywhere, so they can use the tools they learned to live more meaningful and connected lives.

Clown Corps approached TBD* to help create a distinct brand identity that re-frames how clowns are viewed in the US and internationally. We created a sophisticated yet playful system that appeals to people of all ages. Our goals were for it to be We want to be warm, happy, and inviting by asserting confidence in clowning and play.

The letters in the logo are kinetic, emulating the energy of Clown Corps. The arrows represent not only the connection within the community, but the outreach to other communities as well.

“Working with this really awesome crew was truly amazing! They listened so well to our ideas and really captured the spirit of our organization in their work and presentations. We never could have made this happen without the TBD* program and we so appreciate it!” —Hannah Gaff, Clown Corps co-founder