Elder Care Alliance
Safety and Wellness Design System
Design Lead:
Eric Heiman
Yujin Cha, Yuliia Ostapovych
Elder Care Alliance

Have you ever passed a COVID-19 poster that was just filled with tons of information, all in cold colors, and full of confusing imagery? For most of us, the answer would be yes; and not once. Members of Elder Care Alliance experienced that as well.

Elder Care Alliance’s mission has been centered on the care of seniors—putting their well-being and dignity at the forefront. That’s why ECA asked TBD* to develop an effective and caring Infection Control Design System designed specifically for the needs of their community.

During the process of the research, the request for the Infection Control Design System transformed into a larger, not only safety but also wellness driven, communication system. The realization that health includes such aspects as medical, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual wellness inspired the expansion of the initially proposed project.

As Elder Care Alliance communicate with their primary audience — older adults as well as ECA staff, and the general public — the immediate conclusion was made that the design system TBD* creates for Elder Care Alliance must be accessible above all. Designs are specifically aging- and dementia-friendly, acknowledging that older adults may have less developed visual, auditory, speech, physical, and cognitive abilities. This system can be understood by all people despite lower vision, less mobility, and memory losses.

Approaching the project from the perspective of human-centered and empathetic design, TBD* provided Elder Care Alliance with the set of tools that offer a solid foundation for effective communication with their intended audience. Using them, ECA can create a diverse suite of communications that puts their audience at the center, making older adults feel like they matter, and we are alongside them to help at any time.