Kala Art Institute Signage Program
Environmental Graphics
Design Lead:
Dylan Spangler
Ingrid Yang, Dylan Spangler
Kala Art Institute

Kala Art Institute is an organization committed to supporting artists at all levels with classes, exhibitions, residency, and community projects. Their location in Berkley features numerous resources that both emerging and established artists can use to sustain their practice.

Kala reached out to TBD* hoping to create a signage system that would unify their spaces while also communicating their core values in an engaging way.

“The students were amazing at listening, and being thoughtful with the process. Despite doing the work all virtually, I think we got a lot out of the experience.” —Gisela Insuaste, Kala Art Institute

“It was really empowering to work with [TBD*]. You opened up our minds and your creativity really engaged us.” —Ellen Lake, Executive director, Kala Art Institute