Friends of Alemany Farm
Branding System
Design Lead:
Kyra Pease
Kyra Pease, Vanshika Patel
Friends of Alemany Farm

"If you can feed yourself, you can free yourself." - Mary Reynolds

Friends of Alemany Farm is the largest urban farm in San Francisco, and has long been an amazing food resource in the Bay Area. Founded in 2005, the urban farm harvests roughly 10,000 pounds of fresh produce annually that is given away to local residents, volunteers, etc. FOAF's main goals are to empower local residents in sowing their own food security and sovereignty, increase ecological knowledge, and sow the seeds for economic and environmental justice.

FOAF came to TBD* looking to create a new branding system that honors its past and mission, but also recognizes its evolving values and commitment to moving the needle of environmental and social justice further forward.

We created an identity that honors the connection Alemany Farm volunteers cultivate with the land and with each other, celebrates the amazing, diverse community the organization has built, and highlights all the different farm programs. This identity symbolizes that while the organic matter and location of farm work might change, FOAF’s commitment to activism does not.

“I felt so well held and seen by these designers. It was like watching a flower bloom.” —Jack Thomas, Co-Director, Friends of Alemany Farm

“Their work was such a special gift to be given.” —Bonnie Rose Weaver, Friends of Alemany Farm