Opera Parallèle “SF Amplified” Initiative
Branding System
Design Lead:
Nielsen Arenas
Aashi Jhaveri, Nielsen Arenas
Opera Parallèle

Opera Parallèle values the stories that tackle the human condition and elevate that experience into a vibrant form of art. They call us to reimagine opera in the modern world while keeping its essence relevant and inspiring, creating a unique space to push boundaries of stage performance.

We created a visual design system for collecting stories from San Francisco residents to preserve the culture of the city, highlighting its history and diversity, as well as inform future O/P productions. These stories will create an interactive archive in both a digital and analog format for an immersive audio-visual experience of the history of San Francisco and its communities.

“I had a great experience with TBD*. I enjoyed the weekly meetings with the students and Eric and the timeline/deadlines throughout the semester were helpful. The students brought great ideas and took feedback really well.” —Daniel Harvey, Opera Parallèle